Cheap car hire in Finland

Renting a car is now easy with Easyrent! We are the cheapest auto rentals provider in Helsinki Metropolitan Area and we provide a vast variety of automobiles for different needs.

From us you can rent for instance a small passenger car for city drive, a summer car for a Finland road trip, a bigger passenger car with extra space for furniture, a four-wheel drive for the family winter trip or even a convertible sports car for the weekend!

With us, you can rent without a credit card. Ask for a quote by calling us +358 9 773 3443 07:30 – 22:00 EET ( 7:30am - 10:00pm UTC +2) or by filling out this form.

Easyrent as a company

Why choose us?

Our cars do not have stickers or advertisement.

150 cars available

Our cars do not have stickers or advertisement.

Easyrent has renting exprerience for over 20 years

Trustworthy company

We are a 100% Finnish company with +20 years of experience in rentals.

Drive freely with out rental cars

Free kilometers and mileage

With our rental vehicles you drive as much as you want.

Rent without credit cards

Rent without credit cards

Even if you don’t own a credit card, we’ll rent you a vehicle.

Short-term or long-term auto rental?

Looking to hire a car for the best price? Easyrent can help you! We rent cars with flexibility and suiting your needs. Short-term auto rental could be arranged for a few hours, for a day, for a short holiday or for a weekend. With us you could book a car also last minute. Long- term auto rental for instance could be arranged for a couple of weeks or on a monthly basis, it’s completely up to you!

Easy car hire for different needs

Did you know, that renting a car is in many cases more affordable compared to purchasing your own car? Especially if the usage is less frequent, may hiring a car be economically more convenient. See a few examples below, where you might benefit from renting a car:

  • city holiday
    • your family lives in Helsinki and you decide to go meet some relatives in Tampere
    • renting a car enables you to travel and move freely from location to location, if for example you would want visit a beach, amusement park or go sightseeing
  • work travel
    • a passenger car is most often the practical solution for a longer work travel, because it enables you to drive between locations suitable for your schedule
    • if you were to decide to travel by trains and buses, you would likely have to rely more on taxis or other private transportations
  • fishing trip
    • you and your buddies live in the city and none of you own their own vehicle
    • a larger passenger car or yet a minivan can fit more people and also easily the fishing equipment
    • because we rent with free mileage and kilometers, you could conveniently travel further as well

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