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Where would you find the cheapest yet best rental vehicles in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area? The answer is in Kallio, Helsinki. Easyrent’s vast and diverse selection of different vehicles combined with +20 years’ of experience can meet even the most demanding needs. Just tell us, what kind of rental car you are looking for.

Easyrent as a company

Why choose us?

Our cars do not have stickers or advertisement.

150 cars available

Our cars do not have stickers or advertisement.

Easyrent has renting exprerience for over 20 years

Trustworthy company

We are a 100% Finnish company with +20 years of experience in rentals.

Drive freely with out rental cars

Free kilometers and mileage

With our rental vehicles you drive as much as you want.

Rent without credit cards

Rent without credit cards

Even if you don’t own a credit card, we’ll rent you a vehicle.

Rental autos for different needs

In the last 20 years we have built our stock of vehicles to meet all kind of needs. What kind of vehicles are we able to offer then? See examples below:

  • vans
    • vans are essential part of moving and transportation
    • a smaller 7m3 capacity van is suitable for instance moving a bigger furniture or bringing a new household appliance back from the store
    • with a bigger 18m3 van you can manage a bigger move and save time by driving the distance only one way
  • car rental
    • with a smaller passenger car you can drive conveniently even in the most busiest city traffic during the summer
    • with a sedan you can easily travel longer distance for example for work travel
    • with a station wagon you can transport safely your family members, pet dog and recreational equipment
    • with a multi-purpose vehicle you can take your friends and camping equipment to the mountains in Lapland
  • minibus rental
    • rent 2-3 minibuses and take your sports team to an away game to another province or organize a transportation for the wedding guests
    • we now offer as well a luxury minibus with special lighting, sound and video playback!
  • erikoisautot
    • need a special car for a special day? No problem!
    • from our vehicles you could choose a convertible sports car, a Porsche SUV or a Mini Cooper

Ask for a quote by calling us +358 9 773 3443 07:30 – 22:00 EEST (07:30 am - 10:00 pm UCT +2) or by filling out this form.

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