Rental terms and conditions

In these terms and conditions the lessor is referred as “Rental company” and the lessee as “Renter”.

Note. This document is directive. The lessee will receive a comprehensive contract when renting.

1. Usage of the car

  • The Renter is obliged to take care of the car as well as a careful person would take care of his/her own car
  • The Renter is not allowed to use the car for illegal purposes, such as towing, racing or giving driving instructions etc.
  • The car must be locked when it is parked

2. Responsibility for the car and its equipment

  • The Renter is obliged to compensate for a damage to the car or its equipment with the deductible amount agreed in the contract
  • It is possible to lower or to eliminate the deductible amount with an additional payment
  • If the damage to the car, its equipment and/or to the Rental company is a consequence of intentional actions of the Renter, is the Renter obliged to compensate for the total amount of damage

3. Rental charges

  • The Renter pays for the rent as a whole when the lease expires
  • Before renting, the Rental company may demand a reasonable deposit or an anticipation payment with a credit card
  • It is possible to make an agreement for a different payment policy, if both parties agree

4. Obligation of rental company

  • The Rental company is obliged to hand over the car in an operating condition on the agreed date and location
  • The Rental company is also obliged to give sufficient instructions to the Renter on how to use the car

5. Odometer

  • The odometer is used to measure the distance driven with the rental car
  • In case the odometer is intentionally damaged or vandalized, the rental office estimates the driven distance and the Renter is charged on the basis of that estimate

6. Fuel and maintenance

  • The Renter pays for the fuel needed for use
  • The Rental company is obliged to inform what is the right type of fuel
  • The Renter is responsible for using a wrong fuel and the possible damages that occur
  • During the lease, the Renter is obliged to perform routine inspections, such as checking the amount of engine oil, radiator coolants, tire pressure etc.

7. Renter’s procedures in defect, damage and theft cases

  • If the car is damaged, stolen or there is a defect in the car, the Renter is obliged to inform the Renter company immediately
  • In theft cases, the Renter has to also inform the police immediately

8. Rental company’s responsibility of car defects

  • If during the lease a defect occurs in the car, the Renter can demand the defect to be corrected or a monetary reduction equivalent of the defect
  • If the defect is essential, the Renter can demand a dissolving of contract
  • However, the contract can not be dissolved, if the Rental company delivers a corresponding car to the Renter in a reasonable amount of time

9. Return of the car

  • When the lease expires, the Renter returns the car to an agreed location
  • If there is a change in date and/or location, the Renter has to contact the Rental company early enough
  • The lease expires when the Rental company has regained the possession of the car
  • If the car is returned late and this is not agreed with the Rental company, there will be additional fees and also the police will be informed
  • If the car is returned early, the rental charges are conformed according to the initial contract

10. Contract dissolution

  • The Rental company has a right to dissolve the contract, if the Renter breaches the contract or if the Rental company is informed, that the Renter can not handle a car properly
  • If usage of the car is inhibited due to a defect or a theft, the contract can be dissolved after the Rental company has been informed of the matter
  • If the contract is dissolved, the Renter is obliged to return the car without delay

11. Taking the car outside Finland

  • Taking the car outside Finland is forbidden, unless the Rental company has given a written permission to the Renter
  • Admitting written permissions are evaluated individually in each case

12. Contractual disputes

  • Possible disagreements or disputes are primarily resolved through negotiations
  • If disputes are brought to the court of law, the claim shall be filed with the District Court of Helsinki