Cheap van hire in Finland

Renting a van is now easy with Easyrent! We are the cheapest van rentals provider in the Helsinki Metropolitan area providing a wide range of vans for different needs. Compare our rental vans and choose for example a small van for moving furniture or a big van with free mileage and kilometers for a long-distance move.

With us, you can hire a van for a few hours, for a day or for a weekend, which is considered to be short-term renting. Long-term rentals can provide a van for you for a week, for a month or even longer than that.

Easyrent as a company

Why choose us?

Our cars do not have stickers or advertisement.

150 cars available

Our cars do not have stickers or advertisement.

Easyrent has renting exprerience for over 20 years

Trustworthy company

We are a 100% Finnish company with +20 years of experience in rentals.

Drive freely with out rental cars

Free kilometers and mileage

With our rental vehicles you drive as much as you want.

Rent without credit cards

Rent without credit cards

Even if you don’t own a credit card, we’ll rent you a vehicle.

Moving van hire to make moving easier

Moving van hire is typically one of the most fundamentals aspects of a successful move from one location to another. A spacious van is most likely a better option when compared to a trailer. Often you can manage the whole move traveling only one way compared to driving back and forth multiple times. This saves time and effort. Inside a van the load is also protected against rain and dust and from falling down. In a addition, hiring a van makes the moving process more safe against thievery and other vandalism.

You might also want to consider using hand trucks to make the move more convenient. With hand trucks you can load and transfer many boxes simultaneously whilst saving your back and the precious resources of the personnel involved in the move.

Passenger van rental for transportation

Have you ever considered going for a passenger van rental instead of taking multiple passenger cars for a trip? With Easyrent’s 8-passenger, 10-passenger and 12-passenger minivans traveling is much more fun and exciting. Please feel free to make an inquiry also for a 9-seater, we are not short of vehicles!

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